Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Hi everyone! I just spent about 30 mins figuring out how to get back in this rusty old blog.  I has been so long.  But, all for good reason.

I am such a visual person that writing is uncomfortable to me...there is spelling, grammer, and the chance of sounding crazy...but whatever right!! Instagram is tough.  It's an amazing tool, but it has changed and I found myself super controlled by it. I was trying to fit into this box... and as an artist, that's exactly what I should NOT be doing!

While I understand Instagram serves it's purpose for a businesses and brands which can be amazing and I will still be posting on it! I want a place where I can just throw images/ideas/pictures/artwork/feelings/happenings/quotes/inspiration and not worry about how many likes it gets!! This is soooooo liberating! See that last sentence with all the ////// would never work on 'ole Insta.  Hoping that having this new creative writing space will hopefully overcome my Instagramieties (did I just invent a new word!!!???)

Over the past year, I have experimented in so many new areas of art and business and have loved watching my style evolve and change over the years.  I am a true true believer that everyone needs some kind of creative outlet in our lives.  Being creative for me, gives me a sense of purpose, it centers me, it makes me feel my truest self!! I know this is super yoga-hippy (which I love) But if I create a floral one can EVER replicate it!! Sure...people can copy (boo) But NO One can create that painting I just made.  So even if you feel like you have zero skills I really urge you to grab a sketchbook one day, some nice markers and just doodle!! Make some stripes, make some dots...fill the page with color and before you know're being creative!

Check back here from time to time...and my Instagram (I am not abandoning her) But I plan on creatively spewing my little heart out here as my business goes some really exciting changes and movements towards a dream that I have had for over 10 years!!

A few of my favorite ways to stay true to myself and keep the creativity flowing are...
1) Look up inspiring quotes
2) Look back at older works and sketches from my past

So here are some images doing that! Love this blog situation again and how easy it feels, I think I'll be back often!!

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