Monday Giveaway Day!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

It's time to do another giveaway!  Today I am feeling like I wanna give 2 away...just because it's fun:)

Here is what you need to do, it's super easy...

-If you are not a follower...become one and you could win a piece.  

-If you are a follower...leave a comment, about whatever and you can win as well!  

I will randomly pick one comment winner and one NEW follower winner on Thursday.

This is the piece of artwork up for grabs!  These are prints of the originals but each one is unique because I repaint the pearl metallic paint on top to make it shine. Also, if you know about the blog, Design Darling, you might know that she is launching a online boutique filled with wonderful home decor and accessories which is opening in March. I'm very thrilled to announce that all my fun 8x10 prints will be available for purchase on the Design Darling website!  Pretty exciting!  But, you can win one for free right now, so good luck friends!