How She Styles with Sam Penner!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello everyone!  Happy Monday!

I have several great posts lined up with some of the best and most super stylish girls on the block!  Every Monday, I'll have a new piece of art and a new friend to pick out their favorite things inspired by the colors.  For my first go at this, the super sweet and talented designer, Sam Penner of The Peak of Tres Chic, picked out her favorites based on the print "Flamingo Flowers".  Here is a little more about what inspired Sam!

This is what Sam had in mind for her picks!

I envision this work of art hanging in the NY studio apartment of a 20-something fashionista and frequent entertainer.  All of my picks have been chosen with her in mind.  A fabulous party dress and heels, a bar cart and entertaining accessories, and a few home goods for her to show off at the next cocktail soiree she hosts!!

Art-Flamingo Flowers by Laura Dro
Arianna Belle Hexagon Throw Pillow Cover
Yellow Cocktail Napkins
 Palm Beach Bar Cart
 Kate Spade "Lover" Heel
Tibi Crepe Silk Dress
Chartreuse Earrings

Thanks Sam!  Be sure to check out Sam's blog The Peak of Tres Chic for more of her fabulous finds!