Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello!  I know there are about 4 people in the world that know about my new blog - but I am glad you do!  I guess this is the start of something I have been working towards for the past year or so?  Maybe I have been working towards it all my life-I don't know?  I offically launched Laura Dro Designs, LLC about 2 months ago and I am preparing for the Surtex Art Licensing show in May-Yeah! Very excited/overwhelmed/nervous/freaking.  I am feverishly working on my portfolio of designs that will hopefully be picked up by-well, any company that loves them as much as I do!  Rugs, fabric, dinnerware, wallpaper, decorative art, bedding, stationary....I love it all and hope that my designs will grace the shelves one day of some of my favorite stores:)  To start, I am going to post images that are inspiring to me as I am creating everything and then as Surtex nears, I will reveal my work!  So, check back often and hopefully I can figure out how to make this hard work pay off!  Any tips for first time business owners are welcome-especially in the marketing area!