Monday, April 25, 2011

I was recently turned on to a San Francisco merchandiser's blog by a friend and cannot seem to go a day without looking at it for fashion inspiration now!  Her name is Bee and she has some of the greatest styles and pieces around and mixes and matches them with perfection!  I'm loving the trend of wearing different prints together so much right now (I mean obviously, I am a print artist)!  Most of us don't have the cash to throw down on designer pieces, but Bee shows you how to spend money on classic staples and mix and match with much cheaper items!  One of my personal favorites of the pictures below is the polk-a-dot and leopard mix!  I can just picture some of the prints from my Paris in Bloom collection on a beautiful, flowy blouse under one of her many layers!  Enjoy the pictures and be sure to check out ATLANTIC-PACIFIC!