Friday, July 1, 2011

I didn't have a chance to let everyone know about my fantastic European trip that I was  taking this summer 
All my focus was on Surtex that it snuck up on me.  I was able to spend a week in Greece and a week in 
France.  Let me tell you that it was the most fantastic experience ever!  I visited so many inspiring and
beyond beautiful places that my mind is on overload with where I want to start!  Even though I started in 
Greece, on an island called Sykantos (where my family is from)  I am going to show these few pics
of my favorite store from Paris since it's fresh on my mind.  If you have never heard of Laduree, they make
the most adorable little macaroons in the most unique colors, but their store is like walking into a magical 
place with the cutest packaging and colors...I really could not believe how adorable it was.  Here are a few 
images of what you can find and also visit the website here which is so fun to look at.