Congratulations Paislea! Another giveaway Monday

Friday, January 27, 2012

This past Monday on Design Darling, I was so thrilled to do a giveaway with Mackenzie...she just announced the winner on her blog:

Congrats to Paislea Elyse of Allister Bee!!  The painting is on the way-enjoy!

Thanks everyone for joining in on the giveaway, all the comments were so encouraging that I am doing another one right here!!!  Yup, come back Monday morning for the details and to see which painting will be up for grabs!

Until then, here is a new painting that will be up in the etsy shop.  It's an original, so there is only one...but more combos to come.  Also, I can take requests for custom color palettes.  Loving the pictures of other bold paintings in bright rooms, so cute!

Laura Dro Designs-etsy
Simply Irresistible Designs

From House & Home

Have Fun!