I'll be in my studio studio...up up up in the studio studio

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just wanted to share a few pictures of my office/studio workspace.  I always find it fun to see other artists space and what they have going on.  I was recently commissioned to do a large abstract painting and have complete control over what to do!  It's very exciting just to let loose and create something I like.  This painting is a study to get the creativeness flowing for the big painting.  I am in love the colors in this painting, but the large one will be mostly blues.  I'll be posting this one for sale in my etsy shop when I'm finished. 

Oh, and if the title of this post rings a bell...it's from Sponjetta remember her?...I can't believe I know the song you must watch Sponjetta sing about her studio studio.  She even does a remake with Nick Cannon and T Payne...it's not that bad;) It just shows to stick with what you like to do and you never know-haha!

Have a great day!