Solid Line Products Cases!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

1. Kaleidoscope 2. Almost Orange 3. Pink 4. Spring Green 5. Teal & Orange 6. Pink Too

Good Morning!  Everything happens at once (another exciting announcement to come tomorrow)!  I met the wonderful crew from Solid Line Products at Surtex this past May and was very excited when they picked me as one of their designers!  The idea behind the product is really interesting.  They have customizable hard back covers for all iPads and Kindle Fires.  You can switch up the back cover with something and even drop in photos on the inside cover!  It's a really great idea and I'm very excited to see them up, so please pass along!  I was even more blown away when I learned I would have my own packaging with my name and all...(it's the small things that get me excited)!  Please check out my designs here and get a cute new cover!