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Monday, May 6, 2013

I had an amazing weekend surprise!  I met this lovely lady, Lindsay, of Hattan Home.  We exchanged a few emails and before I knew it, my artwork was in her shop.  Yes, all these adorable things can be found at Hattan Home.  I know, I know, what to get?  Among all these lovely necessities are Rifle products, Kate Spade Book, adorable Poufs, and now my prints!  It makes me giddy to see my work alongside my favorite products.  She's doing a sale for Mothers day so go get Mom something cute!  Lindsay was so easy to chat with and I felt like I knew her after one email-love when that happens.  If you want to know where the newest, cutest store online is go here...and check out my artwork as well!  Leave a comment about what you think!
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  1. I love it when collaborations are born so naturally! Congrats. What a cute store will check it out! ANd of course your work is fabulous!

    1. Thanks Albertina! She has an adorable shop:) Glad you stopped by!