Holiday Indoor Lighting & Giveaway!

Friday, December 6, 2013

This year, we didn't really get to the lights on the outside of our house.  Being 30 weeks pregnant and my husband recovering from recent ACL surgery on his knee...well, we can barley get in and out of the car as a couple.  We are quite a pair right now. 

 I'm thinking some indoor lighting for the holidays will work and how beautiful are these.  Any other ideas for indoor lighting?  The first picture below, from Hey Gorgeous, are made from Dixie cups!  See the DIY Dixie cup garland tutorial here from Hey Gorgeous.  

Hey Gorgeous

Hannah Nunn Lanterns

House to Home

If you haven't heard about the giveaway...(which I put on my FB page first! Follow here)  My friend, Michaela is hosting it on her blog and took some really great photos of our 8.5x11 Luxe Lucite Tray with the Modern Watercolor Pattern.  Hop over here to her blog and enter to win yours!!!