Living Room Design-Indigo, Aqua, Coral & Gold

Monday, January 20, 2014

Here are a few things that I've fallen in love with and loving for a living room.  I keep eying the vintage marquee lights that I see everywhere, but they are very expensive!  There is a DIY option floating around on Pinterest that I found here-has anyone tried it...anyone want to try it together and post about it?  I might give it a whirl one day...just adding to the list!  

The artwork was the start of my color palette...coral, indigo and gold is pretty much fantastic with anything-sorrry silver...I don't know if you'll ever be back in style when we have pretty gold things!

Rose Bud Art Print by Laura Dro....Marrakech Curtains....Sofa....Coral Ikat Pillow....Gold Vases....Aqua Frames....Flamingo Print....Peacock Blue Chair....Gold Trim Chest....Vintage Marquee Light Ampersand