New Painting & Ramblings on Running a Business

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello out there!  I'm back into the groove of working and thought I would get back to this blog!  I did whip out a new painting the other night when a little burst of inspiration came to me and I really love it!  Already working on more.  I do have the original available, email if you're interested (laura(at) or prints are available in the shop.  What do you think!?

I have always used this blog as a way to share what I am working on, new artwork that I make and occasionally put together some home decor boards.  There has never been a rhyme or reason to what I blog about.  I'm not sure if I'm the only person out there that thinks a blog can be a headache sometimes, but recently I am so stuck how to move it forward!  

I have made some amazing connections and friends and have done really great collaborations because of blogging, but overall my blogging presence is about the same as it was a few years ago!  So, I wanted to ask you (if anyone has read this far) what you have done to improve your blog?...any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  

Being a one-woman-show is hard and you feel like you need to do everything out there socially.  But, what about me actually making the artwork, when do I have time to do that if I'm blogging and trying to improve my FB page??  I have client work, patterns to make, orders to fill, blog posts to create, marketing to do, finances to keep track of...definitely not complaining (ok maybe a little)  but,  I would love to know from other small business owners and bloggers how you do it!  

My biggest goal for this year is to make my blog a place that I love and make it flow with my personality.  I want to make it more personal, more myself, more what I trying to do with my business and not just post something last minute.  So, if you have the secret recipe....please send it to me!  

Phew! Ok, I feel a little better.