Art wall...wall art

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Add color by wrapping a plain matte board with fabric

A collection of artwork and photographs is perfect for a large wall, you also need a cute helper.

 I have a giant wall in the guest bedroom and it took forever to figure out what to do.  Here is what it looks like now, it's mostly my artwork, family and friends pictures.  That is my favorite engagement picture of my hubby and I (just celebrated 4 years of happiness last week!) 

The painting is a landscape that I painted in Greece, I spent a summer there painting.  The others are monoprints of the coastline and flowers off the island.  A great way to add color to a more simple piece of art or picture is to wrap the matte board in fabric.  It's really easy and cheap, I can do a DIY tutorial if anyone is interested? I think mixing abstract art and pictures with fabric matte boards would really create a stunning wall art arrangement! 

 3 things to remember when you're collecting stuff for an art wall.

1) Different sizes and shapes
2) Different textures (wooden frames, sleek frames, artwork with textured paint, photographs)
3) Space it out on floor or use paper on the wall before nailing!

I really want to update my art wall, I want to make it a little more modern and have more bright and colorful abstract paintings, more illustration art, and different frames.  I am thinking of using some of my new artwork below!  This may turn into redoing the entire room though!  Do you have an creative ideas to add to a modern art wall that I can use?