My Art Gallery

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I love looking at my Art Pinterest that sad?  Some boards I just put whatever up there, but for my art board...I really have to like it for it to get on there.  There are abstract paintings, cow paintings, bright floral artwork, geometric paintings...that seems to be the theme of my art board.  I gravitate towards, bright, pink, blue, abstract, gold, and impressionistic artwork.  I love that I feel like an "art collector" every time I look at my board.  I wanted to share a Pinterest Collection of some of my favorites...I wish I could serve wine and cheese right now and really make it a show!  What type of art do you like to Pin...leave me a link to your board as well!

See my full Pinterest Collection here!

Karen Mathison Schimidt

Karen Mathison Schmidt

Selena Baudry

Samantha Hahn

Laura Dro
Speak to Strangers

Angelo Franco