New Ikat Painting

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pushing forward with my paintings, I finished up a new one last night.  It's 24x36 on canvas with acrylic paint and has different hues of vivid teal, pink, lavender, royal blue, metallic gold, orange and raspberry red-pink.  It really pops in the natural light and I am pleased as punch with the outcome.  Already started another, I am going to give yellow a try as the back ground color in the next painting.  I love figuring out interesting color palettes...they just sort of evolve as I paint!  What do you think of these crazy paintings?

**I am obviously not a great photographer...working on that!  My little digital camera doesn't represent the real colors that well...maybe I have it on a strange setting?  These pictures are really bright red when in fact it's more orange, deep raspberry and touches of hot pink...sorry if I am am blinding you!  The pictures don't do justice!