New work

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hello There!  I've been painting more in the studio, this one has become my husbands new favorite.  It's definitaly a little looser than the previous paintings.  I wish I could remember to take pictures as it evolves because the different layers of abstration underneath are so different!  I don't ever have expectations when I start, but sometimes I aim for certain colorways and this one took a right hand turn.  There is always a point when painting when you think "that is terrible...what did I do to it?...abort abort!!!" That's when it's so important to step back, take a break for a few hours and then come back fresh and with a glass of wine.   

What are your thoughts on these paintings I've been posting about?  I would love to know what others think besides my husband!  Leave a comment if you like or have a critique...