My Custom Case Patterns!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

 I thought I would get a head start last night on my blog post for today and I was so delighted when I obsessively checked to see if my iphone cases were up...and they are up-whoohoo!  The concept is so cool you can pick from so many different patterns (my designs are below) then you can change the monogram, monogram colors, you can also change the color palette of the pattern you pick!  How awesome?!  So....really the variations are endless!  I would be extremely appreciative if you checked out the website here and picked out a new case with my designs!  You deserve a cute new case with a fun it's fun to customize...I've been working on the perfect case for about 30 mins, I can't decide!!  Oh, and by the way there are several of my patterns that are in guy friendly colors and patterns, we didn't forget the guys!

1. Taj Mahal 2. Lace Drop Magentas 3.Posies Sky Blue 4. Pretty Paisley Green

1.Joy Burst 2. Flower Song 3.Jewel Tones Orange 4. Arabesque 
1.Rose Garden Pink 2. Spring Silhouette 3.Aztec Maroon 4. Dandelion Blue