Best Memory Ever!

Friday, May 31, 2013

I have always loved this quote, it makes me smile!  I am not sure who originally came up with it, but it is so true.  I have to share what my girlfriends did for me about a month ago for a BIG birthday I had.  My husband gets most of the credit because he organized it all for several months, he is the sweetest and most thoughtful person I know.

I thought I was cleaning my house for "a BBQ" for some of my husbands co-workers.  Our front door is mainly glass.  So, when I heard the doorbell ring at 6:00 I went to open it...but before I could, I saw several girls jumping up and down and giggling and squealing.  One of my best friends has the most amazing, short curly hair...I know the silhouette of those curls from anywhere. I couldn't even open the door, I was already emotional and just wanted time to freeze.  They traveled from all over to get to me...NY, DC, different part of Florida and everyone convinced their husbands to come too!  I had 14 people in my house!  Like I said my husband is amazing and I don't know how he pulled it off!  We partied like we were all in college again, we went out on a pontoon boat on the beautiful lake, we went shopping, we ate, we laughed and we even attempted to make a Harlem Shake video....don't worry girls, no one will ever see it:)

If you're hanging with friends or family this weekend, I hope you enjoy yourself and embrace the small moments.  Although my friends and family are scattered around, I will always remember special moments like this.