7 Ways To Get Motivated & Organized-Office Necessities!

Monday, January 27, 2014

I wanted to share a few things that are must haves on my desk that keep me motivated, inspired and organized to run a small business.  I've done it all from just using a legal pad and computer on the couch to finally having a full functioning office with filing, resources, catalogs....and all the other office-smoffice things.  Trust me, if your surroundings are ready for business, good things will come your way!

1.  Inspiring and Colorful Artwork Always have something colorful or motivating on your wall that makes you happy when you sit down at the desk for the day.  I love this print, found in Hattan Home and the Floral Painting is mine found here!

2.  A Daily Planner.  Whitney English's Day Designer will keep you organized and help get things crossed off the list.  It such a great tool to plan ahead and keep track of all the things you have going on.  I use to scribble things down, but there is something about putting it in a pretty book that helps you stick to staying organized. 

3.  Fancy Pens.  Even if they are just decorative, cute pens and pencils sitting on the desk in a cute holder really make you feel like you have to get the job done.  

4.  Stationery and Note Cards.  I think having these on hand are really important.  I always try to write a thank you note to each customer that purchases something from my shop.  I might not get everyone, but I do think a hand written thank you is greatly appreciated and goes a long way professionally. 

5.  Acrylic Tray.  I don't know what I would do with out my trays!  I make messes every hour, but I always try to keep the desk organized and an acrylic tray is great for all the little things the pile up through out the day. Check out all the personalized options we have in the shop here!  

6.  Logo & Business Cards.  Place your business cards in a little holder so you can look at them and remind yourself that you're a professional and you mean business!  Also, seeing your logo around the office also helps you feel like your office is a real place of business-because it is!

7.  Photos.  Placing a few photos of loved ones and fun memories is a great way to get through a tough day.  Put some pictures that make you laugh, even if you're not the most stylish in it, but it will give you a kick in the rear the moment you feel like pulling your hair out.  I change out my pictures and frames all the time as I make new, fun memories with friends and family.  

What do you do to keep motivated and organized??