I'm looking to hire...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hello to everyone!  I hope it's as beautiful of a day where you are as it is here in Chicago!

I am looking for someone for an ongoing freelance opportunity!  I need help with SEO for my website blog and all my other digital media stuff.  I'm would love to find someone who is relatively cheap, maybe a student or someone who knows how to do it and would like some extra cash.  We can work out a freelance price and if it's a great fit then I would love to use you ongoing as I need more services!!  If you are...or know anyone who is familiar with the home decor/art/ textile/design industry and is super SEO/digital savvy....please email me and I would love to chat further!  Thanks!


Now a few cool pictures by artist Rex Ray, love his pattern work! 

WALLPAPER     Flavor Paper


RUGS     Samad Carpet