A new painting

Monday, September 17, 2012

 I just wrapped up another Ikat painting and I am hanging it on my own walls right now.  It goes really well with the colors in our living room (but it's always up for grabs).  The past work week was very long, but exciting for me.  I found out what my first fabric line will look like when it goes to the Dallas Market and I found the most fantastic local art printing shop!  I have always wanted to find a place to one day make prints of my paintings to provide more affordable options for people.  I think doing collections of art on your walls will always be popular and is an interesting way to get artwork in your home.  But, I never could find a place that did such high quality scanning and printing of my work and I am so pleased that I found them.  There should be a few exciting things coming to my website that I think you'll enjoy!  Have a fantastic Monday!